EREPS - supports GREPS

Julian Berriman is the Director of the Professional Standards Committee of EuropeActive. This commitee is the leading body in developing the occupations and registration of professionals of the European health and fitness sector, with EREPS - the European Register of Exercise Professionals - being the centre of all. The committee also monitors the developments across and outside the industry to ensure that the European framework and standards for the fitness sector are fit for purpose and up to date.

Recently Julian was invited to attend the Athletic & Fitness Expo in Athens. The main purpose of the visit was to meet with EuropeActive accredited training providers in Greece and to support the Greek Register of Exercise Professionals (GREPS). The training providers included A.F.Studies, GRAFTS, Studio One and Base Training all of whom are giving their full support to GREPS.

In the near future, graduates from accredited courses by these training providers will be automatically registered as new members to both GREPS (the national register) and EREPS (the European register), as the Greek Register has partnered with EREPS to work toward the continued professionalisation of the Greek fitness industry workforce. Julian also gave a short presentation to an audience of gym operators aligned to the Hellenic Association of Gyms. He underlined the importance of their support for GREPS and of employing those instructors and trainers who have met the requirements of the European educational standards.

The Greek training providers are a part of the larger European accredited provider community, co-ordinated by EuropeActive, to exchange and learn from each other’s best practice. One of the most important events of the year to connect is the International Standards Meeting, scheduled for 21 and 22 November 2019. 

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