EREPS - Keilir Health Academy

Keilir Health Academy, in Iceland were recently visited by Pete Davies, part of the EuropeActive verification team. The visit proved to be very successful and informative, both for Mr Davies in his role as an External Quality Assurer, and for Arnar Hafsteinsson, the Director at Keilir Health Academy. Keilir takes seriously the responsibility to ensure that they remain a fully accredited Training Provider under EuropeActive.

It was clear to Mr Davies that Mr Hafsteinsson has a great passion and determination in seeking constant improvement within Keilir and to ultimately leave a legacy behind of which he will be proud.

Preparations for the visit included appropriate attire to combat the cold temperatures in Iceland as well as planning for the observation of practical assessments involving two on-site assessors, student interviews, and several standardisation meetings with the Keilir team. There was also an opportunity to observe and learn from visiting presenter Mr. Ian Jeffreys delivering his Strength & Conditioning programme.

The one-day live visit looked in detail at the quality assurance processes underpinning Keilir’s course delivery and assessment. The day concluded with a number of clear actions being put into place to improve practical assessment practices through further internal training of the Keilir assessment team.

Julian Berriman, Director of the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee commented:

"The live visit undertaken by Pete Davies was not obligatory but requested by Keilir Fitness Academy. This is testimony to their desire for self-examination and improvement and is to be highly commended. It would be hoped that other EuropeActive accredited providers would commit to similar levels of external scrutiny."

Arnar Hafsteinsson commented: "Keilir as non-profit organisation, puts the highest emphasis on quality in all aspects of its business. We have strong ethics and commitments in place that are followed-up by an active quality assurance committee that scrutinizes internally. Student learning outcomes and satisfaction is a priority and we have had the fortune for many years to receive very high scores on our student’s course evaluation surveys."

"EuropeActive brings a third dimension providing an external perspective that really helps us to sharpen our skills, still further, as we live and thrive by the notion that there is always room for improvement. Pete Davies visit in spring 2020 proved to be extremely valuable. We have already put Pete’s suggestions for improvement into our action plans. I can’t stress it enough, that ongoing quality assurance applied from different angles is vital for healthy, educational programmes like ours."

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