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The coronavirus / COVID-19 has been listed by the World Health Organization as a pandemic. As an EREPS member, we understand that this situation affects you on a daily basis. Our advice is to follow the general recommendations of your national government, the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Prevention and Disease Control (ECDC). EREPS takes health safety as a key priority and deeply encourages all members and stakeholders to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Avoid handshakes

If you normally greet your clients with a handshake, try something different now that doesn’t involve direct contact. Wave to incoming and exiting guests.

  • Wash your hands

Use the 20 second rule, use soap and repeat it often, potentially after every client contact. If you have no water and soap available, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Also, don’t touch your hands, even after washing them.

  • Feeling ill? Stay at home

If clubs are still open in your country, then avoid going to your gym, club, pool or studio if you are in doubt about your personal health situation. If you have flu-like symptoms, like a cough, do not risk contaminating others. If you’re not too sick and still want to coach your personal training clients, you could try live-streaming or video coaching.

  • Clean and disinfect

Use the interim cleaning guidelines from the Centre of Disease Prevention and Control to clean and disinfect equipment, counters, door handles, machines, shower buttons and any other hand-contact surfaces. Step up the cleaning game in your club or studio.

  • Inform clients

Make your actions known to the guests in your facility. Ask them to help you adhere to these conditions, for example: cleaning the machines after use. Inform them of your no-handshake policy. Ask them to stay home if they feel ill.

  • Take precautions

The worst outcomes of the pandemic seem to be concentrated among the elderly and those with serious health conditions. You may decide to skip programmes specifically designed for these groups or with a higher level of participation of elderly people. Take your responsibility and act accordingly.

These are trying times for all of us. Only when we all stick to these guidelines, we can work to improve the situation. Our thoughts go out to our trainers and instructors in Italy, Spain and those in other quarantined regions and currently affected by the virus.
We hope you all stay safe and healthy.

The EREPS Team


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