The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the world leader in fitness certifications, has launched a 100% online program that prepares Personal Trainers with the skills, tools, and strategies to operate a successful virtual coaching business. NASM’s Virtual Coaching Specialization (NASM-VCS) is the first in the industry to receive international accreditation against the EuropeActive ‘Online Provision of Fitness Services’ lifelong learning qualification. 
“This immersive and easy-to-use program was developed in direct response to the changing environment in the personal training industry,” said Laurie McCartney, President of NASM. “Our goal is to provide the education and resources that empower Fitness Professionals to transition their coaching businesses online, where they can reach more clients around the world at any time.” 
Through NASM’s Virtual Coaching Specialization, personal trainers will learn valuable and actionable new skills, including how to conduct and modify fitness assessments online, how to cue clients in a virtual environment as well as how to run a business digitally with effective sales and marketing strategies. 
"Virtual personal training and nutrition coaching is here to stay. If you aren't online, you're at the back of the line,” said Keridon McMahon, a Certified Personal Trainer based in Houston, Texas. “Personal training careers go far beyond gym walls, and with the NASM Virtual Training Specialization course, you'll be thoroughly prepared to launch your business and take it next level - virtually!" 
Director of Professional Standards Committee, Julian Berriman, commented: “We are delighted that the NASM Virtual Training Specialisation course is the first course to be accredited against the EuropeActive ‘Online Provision of Fitness Services’ lifelong learning qualification. This qualification standard was recently released by EuropeActive in response to the accelerated provision of online training by exercise professionals across the world.  
As fitness trainers look to maximise the opportunities presented by offering clients their services online, it is vital that they provide these services professionally and within an established scope of practice. In accrediting their course against the European standard, NASM are taking a lead in the provision of quality assured training in this important area”, he concluded.   
For more information, please visit: National Academy of Sports Medicine 
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