EREPS - Training Provider Forum (TPF)

Within EuropeActive, EREPS's parent organisation, there is a growing number of Accredited Training Providers: organisations that offer training and courses based on the EuropeActive Standards. These Standards have been agreed as the minimum requirements for an individual to be called an exercise professional, who are then able to apply for registration with the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) and the National Registers working within its Programme. If you are an EREPS member, there is a big chance your school / university or college is a part of this group too.

There are currently 160+ Accredited Training Providers from all over Europe and beyond: Armenia to Sweden and China to Spain. Representatives from these organisations usually share the same values and beliefs when it comes to encouraging more people to become more active more often, but encounter different challenges in their respective countries and/or parts of the world. They make up a group of delegates for this event with different perspectives.

This year the Training Provider Forum is exclusively accessible for these members, providing them with a moment to interact with their ‘colleagues’ from around the globe and to discuss the best way forward when it comes to the EREPS Register and the membership, the accreditation of courses and – at the base of it all – the EuropeActive Standards and how to keep them up to date.

The Training Provider Forum will take place on the afternoon of April 5th, 2019, during FIBO – the largest Fitness Trade Show in Europe. We will inform you of the outcome of this event via our special member newsletters.

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