​​How to Deal with Personal Training Client Cancellations


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Life happens and client cancellations are bound to occur from time to time. However, as a personal trainer and small business owner, it’s in your best interest (and your clients’) to minimize cancellations as much as possible.

A late cancellation can leave you with an unpaid window of time. And if they happen enough, those cancellations can impact your clients’ consistency and ultimately their progress.

How to talk to people so they’re more likely to change

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To get great results with the people who turn to you for advice, it’s important to learn how to talk to them in a way that increases their likelihood of change. Master this and you’ll become a legit client whisperer.
When first starting out with a client, things can feel a little uncertain. Especially if you’ve had this experience before:

8 Reasons Clients Leave Their Trainers & How Up To Your Game

This article is brought to you by ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association)
Ending any kind of relationship is hard—both personally and professionally. Sometimes, there is a good reason for a client and a personal trainer to part ways. However, there are times when issues between a coach and client can be mended or eliminated.
If you are aware of the potential issues and take intentional steps to prevent or resolve them, you may be able to reduce client loss.

Five ways to get your clients to listen to you!


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If you're an NASM-CPT, fitness instructor, or other health professionals, you know that one of our biggest challenges is getting prospective and current clients to listen to what we have to say. No matter how educated or passionate we are, if we don't speak in a way that captivates their attention and makes them want to engage in active change, our words will have little impact, and our training won't be as effective. 

The Talk Test: An underrated fitness tool for Personal Trainers

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There are endless tech options available when it comes to tracking intensity levels during a workout, but technology sometimes requires a learning curve, and it can be expensive.
While these products do provide tons of helpful information for trainers and clients alike, one of the simplest and cheapest equipment-free ways to test your client's intensity level during exercise is to perform a talk test.

You are not born a Professional Personal Trainer, you become one!

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It is commonly accepted that systematic exercise is one of the most vital and decisive links in the health chain for preventing health problems.
Especially today, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the numerous conditions caused by a sedentary lifestyle, such as musculoskeletal disorders, obesity and diabetes, the role of sports and physical activity has been upgraded and transformed into a "medicine" of body, soul and mind.