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Whatever the word “success” means to you, self-esteem is at the top, as it determines your decisions and your life’s quality.   What matters is to fully recognize your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can correctly identify your potential and improve your self-esteem! 
But how can exercise contribute to that? 
Fitness benefits us in many ways. It improves our physical condition, our cognitive function, our psychology, and at the same time it creates a feeling of well-being.
Every person that loves and respects themselves is a physically active person! 
By getting into the process of exercising, either daily or a few days a week, what is happening is that you are giving yourself time for personal improvement. You are thus developing something even more important: self-love! Also, as you exercise and long after you have finished your workout, your body produces hormones that promote a sense of joy. They are called endorphins, also known as the ”hormones of happiness”!
Enjoy the time you spend with yourself 
Taking care of ourselves, no matter how little free time the modern lifestyle imposes, should not be overlooked. In other words, we owe it to ourselves! So try to enjoy the time you spend with yourself as much as you can.
A few minutes are enough
Even 15 minutes of exercise a day can significantly change your mood and improve the quality of your daily choices, and therefore the quality of your life. 
Don’t waste any more time. Start gaining self-esteem through exercise today!
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