Eating to boost energy

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“You must eat to survive!”
There is truth to this statement because no amount of caffeine or B12 shots will sustain you without a proper diet. Food is fuel… and today you are going to learn how eating influences your energy levels, and the proper way to manipulate food intake to boost your levels if you ever feel low.

The importance of yoga for your health

Yoga’s popularity has increased rapidly, and it’s due to its positive reputation as a mind and body exercise. Though people join yoga for a wide variety of reasons, Yogi Times points out that 52% of yogis practice to boost their physical and emotional health. As such, it’s not surprising that most yogis do their routines regularly, with about 44% performing two to three times per week.

New Health: Discover the history of our lifestyle!

We all know it, we live too unhealthy with all the consequences that entails. We move too little, eat too much and too unhealthy, have a hard time dealing with the excess of daily stress and the consequences are disastrous.
Where did our unhealthy lifestyle start, how have we lived most of our existence, what has led to a much unhealthier life, can the tide be turned?

Pros & Cons: How do Smartphones Affect Your Workout?

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Advances in technology have without a doubt created some pretty incredible gadgets—the smartphone is no exception. The current cell phone or mobile phone technology provides humans with a variety of multi-functional benefits that have made smartphones a necessity for many people.