Mastered Weekly Meal Prep (Infographic)


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Check out these time-saving weekly meal prep strategies, used by Precision Nutrition’s most successful clients. And learn how they can help you prioritize healthy eating too.


Most people who come to Precision Nutrition already know what a healthy, balanced meal looks like.

The real question they have is: How do you consistently eat healthy, balanced meals in the context of real life? 

The Consequences of Sleep Deprivation


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We live in a culture that glorifies overworking and under-recovering. This is true in all disciplines; whether you work in an office or hospital, or are an athlete. We are often taught from a young age with very full schedules, that sleep comes second to work and achievement. Magee et al. (2009) conducted an analysis of surveys from over 49,000 middle-aged adults and concluded that insufficient sleep was most highly correlated with long working hours.

Everything You Need to Know About Intra-Workouts Supplements


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With all of the information and supplements in the fitness and wellness industry, it can be very overwhelming trying to decide what the best pre-, intra-, and post-workout supplementation is based on your specific goals.

In this blog we will focus on intra-workout supplementation and answer the following commonly asked questions:

  • What are they?
  • Why are they important?
  • When to take them?
  • Who should take them?


Eating to boost energy

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“You must eat to survive!”
There is truth to this statement because no amount of caffeine or B12 shots will sustain you without a proper diet. Food is fuel… and today you are going to learn how eating influences your energy levels, and the proper way to manipulate food intake to boost your levels if you ever feel low.