EREPS - webinar - immune system

Having a robust immune system is more important than ever as we are constantly challenged with infections, toxins, trauma, stress and poor nutrition. It's important to understand and be able to recognise the problems that we face when our immune system is not operating optimally. This will be the topic of our EREPS webinar on Thursday 23 April, 15:00 CET*.

The EREPS team have invited Nicky Coyne to host the webinar, titled "Building a Stronger Immune System". In it, you will learn about the function of the immune system, how to recognize a problem and how to respond. We will discuss immune fuels and triggers as well as talk about how to rebalance the immune system and support pathways that have been shut down.

As an award winning PRO TRAINER, Nicky has a unique style when it comes to presenting and educating, her passion for health, wellness and everything fitness related is evident in her writing and live sessions. Her background in health care led her to follow her love of fitness and enabled her to reach more people spreading the message of disease prevention not just health care. Originally from England, Nicky now lives just outside Toronto (Canada) where she manages her global businesses. You can find her @thenickycoynelifestyle on social media.

The session will teach you everything you need to know on how to restore function to your immune system and empower you to share what you have learned with others. Access to the webinar is free of charge, but registration is required. You may do so via this link: register for the webinar.

* CET is Central European Time (zone of Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Budapest).