EFAA is now accredited to provide the Level 2 Healthy Lifestyle Promoter LLQ which was developed through the Erasmus plus project 'New Health Programme' New Health Foundation – New Health Foundation (new-health.eu) to address the societal issues of widespread inactivity and poor health.
The ‘Healthy Lifestyle Promoter’ will work to inform individuals or communities on healthy lifestyle, using available tools and educational materials. They will not deliver nor prescribe exercise or healthy lifestyle interventions but will instead signpost people to evidence-based recommendations and credible sources of information related to healthy lifestyle. 
This new qualification also provides the opportunity for training providers to reach out not only to fitness professionals, but also to stakeholders outside the fitness and physical activity sector.
We look forward to seeing many other accredited training providers join us in providing the Healthy Lifestyle Promoter LLQ and getting many new people involved in working towards sharing healthy lifestyle related sources of information.
For further information to make an accreditation application and to join the movement to spread the messages of a healthy lifestyle, please contact accreditation@europeactive.eu 


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