EREPS has approved the Level 1 (L1) Nutrition Certification from Precision Nutrition, one of the world’s largest online nutrition and healthy lifestyle coaching and certification company.
As a prestigious nutrition coaching certification for health, nutrition, and fitness professionals, the L1 Nutrition Certification is designed to provide a deep understanding of nutrition, the authority to coach it, and the ability to turn one's knowledge into sustainable client results. 
"Receiving approvals from EREPS and CIMSPA is a major milestone for Precision Nutrition’s growth in Europe and the U.K. and is further proof of the quality of education the L1 Nutrition Certification provides," said Timothy Jones, CEO of Precision Nutrition. "Our team is committed to providing the highest-quality product and service to help set the industry standard for nutrition education in professional development around the world. We are proud that those efforts have earned the L1 Nutrition Certification recognition from these leading organizations." 
As an EREPS Lifelong Learning Provider (LLP), Precision Nutrition will support EREPS members in meeting their ongoing learning and professional career development needs. This also offers a reassurance to fitness professionals across Europe of the quality of their continuing education. Precision Nutrition’s Level 2 (L2) Master Certification—an exclusive year-long nutrition and lifestyle coaching masterclass—has also received the LLP distinction. Both the L1 and L2 Certification will earn the graduate 10 Lifelong Learning Hours, which contributes to the annual commitment recommended for completion by EREPS members. 
Director of Professional Standards Committee Julian Berriman commented: “We are delighted to welcome Precision Nutrition as a recognised provider of continued education under the EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). By providing access to high quality learning experiences the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) supports EREPS members wishing to progress and thrive within our sector. The addition of Precision Nutrition courses will make a valuable contribution to this on-going learning and development”.  
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