EuropeActive has now reviewed and updated Standards for the occupational role of Pilates Teacher. The review was conducted by a Technical Expert Group formed by the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee and consisting of experts from national Pilates’ federations, Pilates associations and training schools. The Standards were then subject to a process of industry external consultation where interested parties were given the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft Standards.
In terms of the contained knowledge and skills requirements, the Standards remain referenced to Level 4 of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). However, for greater ease of understanding and application the Standards are now presented as a series of units of learning with associated learning outcomes and assessment criteria. Currently accredited providers will need to ensure that their Pilates Teacher courses are in line with all units and the requirements within them. Similarly, any Pilates providers seeking accreditation with EuropeActive against the Standard will need to fulfil all the requirements of the updated Standard.
The main substantive change within the updated Standards is the addition of an optional unit, ‘Safe and Effective use of Pilates Apparatus’ . While the previous Standard focused solely on Pilates matwork, providers will now have the option to be accredited to deliver EuropeActive recognised training courses including both matwork and  Pilates apparatus. This represents a significant step forward in the recognition of the occupational role of a Pilates Teacher. It should also be noted that the updated Standards now include recommended methods of learning outcomes assessment, as well as numbers of educational credits (ECVET and ECTS) and learning workload. These additions will again serve to support the standardisation of Pilates training provisions across Europe.
We would like to thank all those who participated in the Technical Expert Group and contributed to the external consultation process. It is only through such collaborative working that EuropeActive educational Standards can be progressed and effectively disseminated. We believe that the updated Pilates Teacher Standards will provide a comprehensive reference point in the provision of the highest quality of Pilates education.
The updated EQF L4 Pilates Teacher Standards are available on request at accreditation@europeactive.eu to all EuropeActive accredited providers and Pilates schools seeking accreditation.
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