As part of EuropeActive’s commitment to promote and safeguard an inclusive and welcoming environment for all across the fitness and physical activity ecosystem, and as part of EuropeActive’s Inclusion calendar, we are thrilled to promote the fourth edition of European Mental Health Week, 22-28 May 2023. 
MH1Global Director Lynne Briggs has agreed to tell us more about the MH1Global initiative and what it seeks to achieve.
MH1 is the go to place for support and expertise for the health, fitness and wellbeing sector. Frustrated that our industry focused primarily on physical fitness, founders Graeme Hinde, Julian Taylor and Lynne Briggs set out to bring mental wellbeing support to the sector and started to build the movement around four pillars:
Supported by partners Matrix Fitness, Cornerstone Design and Marketing LFX, FitPro and ReferAll together with a strong, International Advisory Board, MH1’s presence grew over the last couple of years through social media channels, online Zoom sessions and attending various Industry events
Lynne took over the reins in January 2022, charged with taking MH1 to ‘the next level.’
This culminated in the movement’s first live event, and official launch, “mental Health are we asking the right questions” at the end of April 2023, where the much awaiting Mental Health Questionnaire (MHQ) was introduced to a packed house of VIP guests. The MHQ that has been designed to support health and fitness staff to ask better quality questions to support members with mental health conditions.
MHQ is a validated, psychometric tool that measures the trajectory of mental health using 11 lifestyle factors as markers. The initial product of a Psychology Masters dissertation by MH1 Research and Development Director, Paula Litherland, the MHQ is now available exclusively through our data partners ReferAll. Supported by Edge Hill University, the questionnaire has been tested and validated in readiness to launch to market. Automatically scored, available by email and text, this is the evidence we’ve been waiting for- live data to prove we can positively influence the mental and physical wellbeing of our staff and members.
Our first two clients. Volair Leisure Trust and Oldham College are set to have their training on the implementation and utilisation of the MHQ over the coming weeks….exciting times ahead!
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To find out more about MH1 and the MHQ please email info@mh1global.com
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