As part of EuropeActive’s commitment to promote and safeguard an inclusive and welcoming environment for all across the fitness and physical activity ecosystem, and as part of EuropeActive’s Inclusion calendar, we are thrilled to promote the fourth edition of European Mental Health Week, 22-28 May 2023. This is further correlated with our European activities as it falls under our awareness-raising activities for our #HealthyLifestyle4All pledge.

Head of content for Myzone, Ben Hackney-Williams, has agreed to share how Myzone perceives and addresses mental health.

Why is it important for your organisation to support Mental Health?

It's not just important for Myzone to support mental health but it's vital that, as people, we're all more aware of mental health challenges and becoming more open to discussion, whether struggling with them ourselves or supporting others facing challenges. We all know how wellness is more than just about traditional physical fitness, and creating an environment of empathy and healthy communication is key to us all being our best. Myzone puts its people first and always makes sure that every wellness initiative brings its benefits for both body and mind.

How is Myzone addressing Mental Health?

We've always had incentives for movement at Myzone, but the most recent initiative we've undertaken as a business is particularly conducive to improving mental health for staff. Every time an employee achieves 2000 Myzone Effort Points in a month, they're rewarded with four hours holiday. Over the course of a year, this equates to six days additional holiday for regularly achieving the physical activity goals, whether any individual wants to walk, run, jog, swim, or play. In addition to the holiday benefits, achieving these MEPs each month gives employees a ticket into a raffle at the end of the year, with the chance to win 10 x $500 cash prizes. We're encouraging employers around the world to instil a mindset of movement with wellbeing schemes such as this, so it's only right that we lead by example.

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