Yoga’s popularity has increased rapidly, and it’s due to its positive reputation as a mind and body exercise. Though people join yoga for a wide variety of reasons, Yogi Times points out that 52% of yogis practice to boost their physical and emotional health. As such, it’s not surprising that most yogis do their routines regularly, with about 44% performing two to three times per week.
It’s definitely more motivating to exercise, especially if you know that it will provide amazing health benefits in the long run. To illustrate, regular yoga practice can help you reap the following health benefits:
Strengthens your psychological well-being
Yoga is intended to be a mind and body practice. As such, plenty of people get into yoga to improve their mental health.
You can reap The Physical And Happiness-Boosting of Working Out through yoga because it's one of the exercises that can lower one’s anxiety levels. The breath work and exercise routines in each practice can help reduce any rumination and anxious thinking, thus helping you feel much happier after each session. Yoga is also quite meditative because it increases your body awareness and relaxes the mind through slow yet impactful poses. As a result, regular practitioners may feel less stressed and anxious due to the meditative aspect of yoga.
Improves your cardiovascular health
Yoga’s stress-relieving benefits do not just improve your mental health but your physical health as well. In particular, your cardiovascular health can experience positive changes once you lower your stress levels through yoga.
Cardiologist Dr. Pratiksha Gandhi points out that one of the main reasons yoga is good for your heart is its stress-relieving effects. Stress plays a big role in heart diseases and heart attacks, which is why it's recommended that you manage your stress levels through yoga. On top of that, yoga can also strengthen your heart muscles, thus lowering your risk for cardiovascular diseases.
Relieves and prevents physical pain
Yoga poses may seem very painful because they require a lot of strength and flexibility. However, you’ll be surprised to know that yoga can actually soothe chronic pain in your body.
In fact, Daydreaming in Paradise recommends yoga for those who struggle with joint or muscle pain due to the Harvard Medical School’s study on the positive effects of yoga. The study proves that yoga can relieve the symptoms of people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, and other chronic pain conditions because it reduces inflammation within your body. The mind and body practice also improves your range of motion, which helps minimize your body pain.
Enhances the quality of your sleep
Many people may think it’s okay to lose some sleep. Unfortunately, sleep deficiency can lead to numerous chronic illnesses, such as kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and depression.
So if you’re struggling with sleep problems, yoga is one remedy that you can try to experiment with. The Sleep Foundation reports that over 55% of yoga practitioners experience improvements in their sleep quality over time. These sleep benefits are even applicable to various demographics, such as people on the spectrum, pregnant women, and the elderly. Yoga is effective in increasing the sleep quality of different people because it regulates
your breath and boosts your mindfulness while exercising your body.
Yoga may not be a high-impact exercise, but it can surely help you reap numerous benefits for your health. So if you're looking for an easy exercise that can provide great effects, look no further than yoga.
Written exclusively for ereps.eu by Jenna Maine


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