The proportion of physically inactive citizens in the EU remains unacceptably high. This might indicate that the message about the importance of physical activity for an individual's health and wellbeing has still not got through to significant segments of the EU population. It’s time for a knowledge update, not only for the consumer, but also for those who work with consumers in the areas of healthcare, physical activity and lifestyle.
To work toward a solution, more attention should be put into spreading the knowledge and understanding of what a healthier life represents. Therefore, it is necessary to implement appropriate qualifications for healthy lifestyle promotion.
EuropeActive ‘Healthy Lifestyle Promoter’ (HLP) educational standards have been developed as part of the Erasmus plus project 'New Health Programme' to underpin and inform the role of a HLP. A summary of these standards is available below in PDF format. The main purpose of the HLP is to inform individuals or communities on healthy lifestyle, using available tools and educational materials. The HLP neither delivers nor prescribes exercise or healthy lifestyle interventions but rather signposts people to evidence-based recommendations and credible sources of information related to a healthy lifestyle.
EREPS members should visit the New Health website New Health Foundation – New Health Foundation for further information on the Healthy Lifestyle Promoter role and to register to access tools that will inform their health promotion work.
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