EuropeActive hosted on Thursday, 8th April its online Training Provider Forum (TPF) to actively discuss the implementation of assessments by EuropeActive accredited training providers in relation to EuropeActive’s main educational standards. Speakers and panellists shared their knowledge, expertise and insights under the theme of ‘Effective Learner Assessment’ with the aim of raising the standards of training provision and exercise professionals across Europe.

The TPF began with Professional Standards Committee (PSC) Director Julian Berriman and PSC Deputy Director Anna Szumilewicz updating the audience on the work that the PSC has completed so far. They commented on the work taking place to upgrade the accreditation process and standards as well as the continuing development of the fitness sector qualification framework (SQF).

Highlighting the importance of learner assessment, Julian Berriman stated: "We are working with the training provider community to determine the nature of qualification assessment practices. In this way. we will be better placed to positively influence and support both the delivery and assessment processes of EuropeActive accredited education providers". Anna Szumilewicz underscored the importance of "having a qualification-format that clearly identifies learning outcomes and assessment criteria to facilitate training providers in assessing their students to the required European standard".

Keilir Health Academy Programme Co-ordinator Ben Pratt explained the process of developing and refining a common online theory assessment: "The intention was to provide an online theory assessment that covered the main assessment criteria within each unit of learning identified in the EuropeActive Personal Trainer qualification. In covering all units in this way, the proposed theory assessment represented a truly holistic assessment of the knowledge and skills required in the Personal Trainer occupational role." Participants were also presented with a ‘sample’ of this online assessment to complete after the event and to provide feedback on.

The third session involved EuropeActive Accreditation Manager Charlie Heywood moderating a panel on the importance of developing a common practical assessment for fitness professionals. Panellists Jonathan Fagerlund (Axelsons PT Education), Stella Papagianni (A.F. Studies) and Espen Arntzen (AFPT) provided their insights and feedback to a detailed format for the assessment of a gym-based practical session.

Panellists reinforced how essential it is to deliver safe and effective training services and how useful standardising the assessment processes would be for countries to be held to the same requirements. The Forum culminated with Julian Berriman thanking participants for their attendance and summarizing the main outcomes for the day.


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