4 Highly Effective Cueing Tips for Online Trainers


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Online personal training requires a different set of skills than training in person. One such skill is the ability to effectively cue your clients when you’re not standing next to them at the gym. What does this skill entail and how can you hone it to better help your training clients? Let’s begin with first looking at what it means to cue.

Training Provider Forum 2021 - Implementing an effective online assessment for fitness professionals


EuropeActive hosted on Thursday, 8th April its online Training Provider Forum (TPF) to actively discuss the implementation of assessments by EuropeActive accredited training providers in relation to EuropeActive’s main educational standards. Speakers and panellists shared their knowledge, expertise and insights under the theme of ‘Effective Learner Assessment’ with the aim of raising the standards of training provision and exercise professionals across Europe.