This article is brought to you by EREPS Ambassador Rocco Venizelos

It is our emotions that lead us away from the right path. Unless we exercise some degree of control over them, we will end up victims of our own reality as emotions are an ever-changing variable. It is, therefore, essential to build up our defenses to carry on and persevere until we reach our goal. Our defense IS our motivation.

Etymologically, a motive can be anything that directs, leads, prompts, urges or encourages an individual to follow a course of action. Motives could be defined as those internal or external factors which raise the human system’s activity levels and prompt it to act towards accomplishing a set goal. From the above definition, a motive can create or alter a specific behavior, prompting an individual to act (or abstain from acting) in order to attain his/her targets. Motives stimulate, boost and direct our energy towards achieving what we have decided to do.

Accordingly, motives can be internal behavioral causes, such as instincts, impulses, needs, resolutions and desires as well as external behavioral causes, such as rewards, commendations, approval or disapproval.

On a final note, I would like to quote a short passage from the great scholar’s D. Liantinis book “Ellinika”:

“Being greek denotes four ways of behaving. You accept nature’s truth. Not man-made truth. You live your life in line with moral knowledge. Not on the basis of superstitions and prejudice. You praise beauty. Because beauty is as strong as your mind and as prone to decay as your flesh. And above all: You love mankind. How else could it be? Man is the most tragic figure in the universe”.

I urge everyone to turn these basic principles into actions when setting sail for their “Ithaca”. Remember to enjoy the journey and combat the “Sirens”!