In case you missed our recent email, we are delighted to inform you that we have worked with our friends at CAWS and DTS Fitness Education to bring you a couple of early Christmas Gifts! Here at EREPS we know 2020 has been challenging and we will strive to continue supporting our incredible community into 2021, with excellent education opportunities, so that we are ready for what comes next...


On Monday 14th December 15.00 CET Julian Berriman (PSC Director) and CAWS Education will be discussing key elements of their flagship EREPS Lifelong Learning Approved course Rebuild™ which teaches trainers and coaches how to rehabilitate members and clients from Covid-19 in the gym or at home.

This session will outline the realities of Covid-19, available education and training, and how to take the first steps toward establishing a public health solution for the people in your community.

You can access this FREE webinar and join us for this Lifelong Learning event (no registration required) by clicking the link below:



FREE Online Course & Masterclass Webinar on Thursday 17th December 16.00 CET and 19.00 IST (choose the time zone that best works for you)

'The Squat Analysis Coach' course is a fundamentals focused Approved Lifelong Learning course for certified personal trainers.

To download the EREPS Approved Lifelong Learning course NOW as your gift for FREE, please visit:


The Squat Analysis Coach FREE Masterclass webinar supports the content above with a one-hour virtual class. We highly recommend you complete the online module before attending the masterclass.

The goal of the webinar is to teach you how to solve the six-common squat errors using what we call a master craftsperson mindset.

You can access this FREE Masterclass to support the course (no registration required) by clicking the links below:

Webinar 1

(16.00 CET)

Click here to access

Meeting ID: 869 6068 3494

Passcode: 705625


Webinar 2

(19.00 IST)

Click here to access

Meeting ID: 881 4458 8743

Passcode: 329964