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We are so busy all the time, trying to fit everything in our day. One of the things that we want to do for sure is exercise. But, as much as we would like to have 30-40 minutes a day to do a proper workout we don't always have the time.
The solution: mini workouts! You may be wondering if exercising like that has the same benefits as a complete session. The answer is YES! And it’s not just us who say it, scientists say it too.
What are the benefits of mini workouts?
They “fit” more easily in your day
The number one reason why people don’t exercise regularly is lack of time. Most people think that exercise requires a lot of effort and time that they do not have. For them, mini workouts are a real “salvation”.
They improve your overall health
Studies have shown that exercising for 10 minutes many times during the day has similar effects for your health compared to performing a regular workout. Specifically, in a review of 19 studies involving 1,080 people, the benefits for fat, insulin and glucose levels were the same between the two groups.
They can make you a real fan of exercise
Commitment to an exercise program over time requires patience, perseverance and a lot of motivation. Unfortunately, many people stop exercising before they can even reap the benefits of exercise. The good news is that shorter workouts can make it easier to stick to a routine. An earlier study found that multiple short periods of activity – about 10 minutes each – were as effective as a single workout.
They enhance brain health and mood
Apart from physical benefits, exercise also has neurological and psychological benefits. In fact, one study found that participants who walked briskly for 10 minutes were in a  better mood than those who did no exercise at all.
They can help lower blood pressure
According to a study, three 10-minute walks during the day (morning, noon, late afternoon) lowered blood pressure more than a 30-minute walk in hypertensive people.
They can increase the intensity of workouts
Intense exercise for a long time is not easy. This is why shorter workouts are aimed at exercise enthusiasts of all levels.
They reduce the stress of training
Incorporating mini workouts into the day can reduce the stress and fear that some people have about exercising. When we look at exercise from this perspective, short workouts become just part of the day and not something stressful.
They can help you achieve your goals
Shorter workouts allow people with busy schedules to focus on what they can do in short periods of time without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time they have to devote to exercise. In addition, mini-workouts are easy to schedule, easier to perform, and allow for more focused, intense, and purposeful exercise, especially if you are more likely to be distracted.
source: healthline.com
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