EREPS, WIFA and FIBO’s #SHEDTHEFILTER campaign which took place the week before International Women’s Day on March 8th was very successful, with many taking to Facebook and Instagram to share images of themselves and the women in their lives being physically active. 
The aim of the campaign was to honour all the strong women in fitness by celebrating body positivity, natural beauty and strength. We wanted to challenge our community to show the world the many amazing women in fitness and this was the perfect opportunity to put them in the spotlight and see them in their element, working out as they do in their everyday life. Now is the time to lift women up and show the world that they are an important part of the fitness and physical activity sector, something which even now is often sadly overlooked. 
EuropeActive’s Horizon 2025 Manifesto and particularly its Community Headline as well as our DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Advisory Group show the priorities we have set for ourselves and our sector in the years ahead, especially in regards to gender balance and gender equality initiatives.  
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