Do you have SMART fitness goals?

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Setting goals in life is important.
When it comes to fitness, it can be said that goals determine your success.
SMART goals have nothing to do with intelligence. They have emerged through behavioral psychology and intend to be useful and effective in order to “push” you to achieve them.
What do SMART goals mean?
  • Specific
  • Measurable

6 Tips to Keep Health & Fitness Goals at the Top of Mind When Returning Back to Work

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Many organizations have started asking their employees to return to work onsite after they had been working remotely during the last year and a half due to the pandemic. While very few companies have transitioned to a full-remote work model, most of the companies are expecting employees to return onsite either to the pre-pandemic work schedule or to a more flexible hybrid-work model where employees can work onsite anywhere between 1-3 days per week.