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“Why am I not like him?” “I wish I was like her”

Somehow, it makes sense to compare ourselves to other people. When we want to lose weight, we always look at thin people. If we want to increase our muscular strength, we can’t help but stare at those big guys at the gym. But when comparison becomes… obsession, then it is almost certain that we will deviate from our own set goals.
Strategy 1: Focus on training, not results
You may want to lose 20 pounds or lift 100 pounds on bench presses. Maybe you dream about running one kilometer in 5 minutes. Goals are obviously very important. However, a lot of the time, these goals are set by having others as a standard and and as a result, they may not be realistic goals. The result is frustration, negative psychology and, yes, giving up….
Instead of focusing on the outcome and what others are doing, focus on the daily steps you need to take to achieve your own goals.
Strategy 2: Get rid of negative thoughts
It is very easy to get obsessed with your imperfections… “I have a big belly”, “my legs are not beautiful”, “my arms are very weak”. We all have insecurities. And there times when we think more about our negatives traits than we do our positive attributes.
Start writing a daily diary. Not to use it as a “to do list”, but to write down thoughts that will make you feel better. For example, you can write down three things you are grateful for or something that you expect to happen during the day that you are looking forward to.
Strategy 3: Stop comparing
The internet and social media have been flooded with influencers. Have you ever thought that one of them, whom you follow passionately and whose posts you ‘like’, might actually hold you back instead of positively motivating you?
Bear in mind that trainers often have enviable bodies, because that is a part of their job. This requires sacrifice, patience, perseverance and – most importantly – a lot of time. So think about which of your internet “friends” are holding you back and avoid following them. Focus on your goals.
Strategy 4: “Clean” your social media
Continuing with the previous topic, social media – for better or worse – plays a key role in our psychology. So do some research on your news feed and keep only those who cheer you up, help you learn things or just make you laugh.
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