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We hope that your clients have a good understanding of what works best for them nutritionally, that they are noticing that their body is starting to change and that they are feeling stronger and more energetic. The goal is always to fine-tune their nutritional program, to further increase their fitness levels and to help them develop all of these new lifestyle changes into good habits that they will be able to maintain in the future.
In this article, we show you how you can challenge them to push out themselves of their comfort zone physically, to give 100%, to trust and adhere to our advice, and to be passionate about the goals they have set for themselves.
Let them answer the following questions:
- Are you pushing yourself to the maximum during a training session?
- Are you following your nutritional guidelines exactly as advised?
- Are you making every effort to get good quality sleep, taking your supplements and following other recommendations that are suggested during your weekly consultations?
If they answered ‘no’ to one or more of these, then we encourage them to ask themselves ‘WHY’? Why are you stopping yourself from taking complete control over your weight loss and fitness goals? We understand that it isn’t always easy to make lifestyle changes. However, as you are learning, your lifestyle and the choices you make, have a direct effect on your health and fitness situation. So straying from your nutritional plan on the weekends, the excuses you make for not trying the ‘meat and nuts breakfast’, the biscuits you may be mindlessly munching, and not working your hardest during training, for example, are all working against your goals, your health, and yourself!
To stop standing in the way of their own success, they need to be aware of their mindset- the way they approach each new change and the little thoughts that they have in their head. To be truly successful, they need be open to the changes they are experiencing, to set-aside any negative thoughts they may be feeling and to allow themselves to reach their full potential.
Here are some tips that you can give to your clients for keeping a successful mindset:
Don't Fear Failure
We all make mistakes so we suggest that you don’t dwell on them. Understand that failure leads to learning and learning leads to success. When you make a mistake, acknowledge it, learn from it, and move on.
Don’t Fear Success
It may seem unusual to suggest that we can fear success, but in fact, we are much more practiced at coping with failure than we are to being successful. Success inevitably generates change and change can be frightening. You are creating a new lifestyle for yourself that will have a profound affect you and on those around you so don’t fear this, embrace it, and be prepared for the other positive changes this will bring into your life.
You are only as strong as your weakest link
Focusing on our strengths is easy compared to identifying and working on our weaknesses. Take ownership of your weaknesses and strive to improve them. If you find pushups difficult, do them to failure every morning until you get stronger. If you can’t resist those crisps you have hidden away in the cupboard, throw them out and don’t buy them any more. Identify your weaknesses and take responsibility for them. You will be amazed at how focusing on them will help you become stronger and more successful.
 Stay focused on the process, not the outcome
To reach our body composition and fitness goals we need to focus two different approaches. We need to set overall objectives or “outcome goals” (e.g., to reach a certain weight or body fat percentage, to be able to do ‘x’ number of sit-ups), and we need to create short term or ‘process goals’ (e.g., to train three times per week, to eliminate refined sugars from our diet). Although the ‘outcome goals’ are important, it is actually the ‘process goals’ that are the most significant because these smaller, measurable and time-bound activities are going to create the positive behaviours that will lead you to your outcome goal. During your weekly consultations, we will be discussing, setting and revising your process goals to ensure that you are learning and incorporating the behaviours you need to be successful.
Believe in yourself
Believing that you can change your life through your own actions is a powerful approach to success. When you feel confident that you are in control, you are more likely to incorporate changes long enough to allow them to become an integral part of your lifestyle. Conversely, when you doubt your ability to change, you are more likely to fall off-track and may even end-up sabotaging your success. If you aren’t feeling very confident, look back to where you started six weeks ago and think about the changes you have already made. Remember that every kilogram and percentage of body fat you have lost, glass of water you drank, training you attended, and good nutritional choice you made, have been the result of your own actions.
Embrace Challenges
No one said this process would be easy. In fact, you may find these next few weeks to be the most challenging physically and mentally, so we encourage you to embrace the challenges instead of resisting them. You will have to leave some of the convenience of buying processed, refined foods behind in order to eat clean and follow our nutritional guidelines so the sooner you accept this, the faster you can reap the benefits of this lifestyle. Training will become more physically demanding as well so you will need to stretch your limits and push yourself in order to be rewarded with the incredible feelings of pain (yes, pain can feel good!), exhaustion, joy and success.
Challenge the Status Quo: Aspire to be the best you can be. Don’t let your family or friends limit your goals and aspirations. Be proud of yourself for having initiated a change in your life that most people have not, and may never consider. Challenge the conventional ideas of how a person of your age and gender ‘should’ appear and behave and allow yourself to become the person you truly desire to be.
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