We all know it, we live too unhealthy with all the consequences that entails. We move too little, eat too much and too unhealthy, have a hard time dealing with the excess of daily stress and the consequences are disastrous.
Where did our unhealthy lifestyle start, how have we lived most of our existence, what has led to a much unhealthier life, can the tide be turned?
You will find answers to all these questions in the 9 part free mini video course 'The turning point of the Homo Sapiens'!
Supported by the European Union, a team of 12 lifestyle experts from 6 European countries set to work at the beginning of 2019 to compile the essential insights of a healthy lifestyle, knowledge that every person should know in order to make healthy choices. Meta analyzes and the WHO lifestyle guidelines have been used and the video course also explains in a compact manner the why behind it and the how to approach this.
The program is available free of charge, in 7 languages, for professionals and consumers, but also for companies, institutions, care and welfare employees, politicians, teachers, lifestyle coaches, volunteers, etc.
Register here and immediately receive your own lifestyle scan and the mini video course: Turning point of the Homo Sapiens!
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