4 Highly Effective Cueing Tips for Online Trainers


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Online personal training requires a different set of skills than training in person. One such skill is the ability to effectively cue your clients when you’re not standing next to them at the gym. What does this skill entail and how can you hone it to better help your training clients? Let’s begin with first looking at what it means to cue.

Exercise and music: Rhythm and fitness

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According to a new scientific study, music during exercise makes it easier and more enjoyable, while maximizing performance at the same time!
As part of the study, researchers at the University of Brunel composed a song that can help increase speed while running, as well as improve your fitness.

“Your Why” makes all the difference - Workout


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Our body is probably one of the most amazing existing systems. So many different processes take place within it on a daily basis so it can maintain its homeostasis. It does not fancy change as much as we don’t. Whenever there is an incoming stimuli though, our body responds, evolves and then finds its balance after the new information it has received.