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According to a new scientific study, music during exercise makes it easier and more enjoyable, while maximizing performance at the same time!
As part of the study, researchers at the University of Brunel composed a song that can help increase speed while running, as well as improve your fitness.
The song “Run With Me” was created in collaboration with Professor Costas Karageorghis, an expert in music and exercise psychology at Brunel University, and was designed to increase rhythm by about 5% and reduce the feeling of fatigue by up to 15%.
The benefits of music
The benefits of music during exercise were first studied by a scientist in New York in 1911. Cyclists were found to drive 8.5% faster when there was an audible background.
According to onmed, Professor Costas Karageorghis and his colleagues examined the scientific data of 139 studies conducted over the last 107 years on the effect of music on exercise.
They found that “music sharpened the senses, increased physical performance, reduced the feeling of difficulty and generally contributed to improved performance.”
“There is an almost symbiotic relationship between music and movement,” says Professor Costas Karageorghis.
According to him, music can affect our training either synchronously, acting as a metronome and regulating movement in rhythm, or asynchronously, enhancing performance while exercising.
The findings were published in the journal Psychological Bulletin.
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