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Have you ever wondered what you should eat before your workout? Are you curious to know what foods will take your workout to the next level?
Anyone who has ever worked out intensely in their life has certainly reached a point where they expect results, both in their body and in their performance. Whether they have chosen strength training or an aerobic exercise like running or swimming, it is clear that they want to lift more pounds or achieve better times. This phase is all about nutrition and improvement of the trainee’s performance. Snacks play a key role in this goal; and by snacks we mean those prior to the workout.
Proper nutrition just before your scheduled workout can improve results and give you the confidence to continue your efforts more vigorously!
The most important allies of athletes in their efforts to maximize performance are proteins and carbohydrates.
Protein is essential for muscle growth and recovery. For this reason, many athletes or even simple fitness enthusiasts use formulas or dietary proteins to meet their increased needs. There are many studies that show that consuming protein before training significantly increases performance and contributes to the increase of muscle mass.
Carbohydrates are the body’s main fuel during exercise. Glycogen (our carbohydrate storehouse) is the first to mobilize during short and intense exercise, in order to provide the body with glucose and thus the necessary energy to perform and complete the exercise.
However, the role of glycogen is not limited to this, as during prolonged exercise, it also provides sufficient energy to the brain and nervous system in order to help the process of fatburning.
Here are some ideas for pre-workout meals that will boost your performance.
Three hours before your workout
  • Sandwich with lean protein in whole grain bread and salad.
  • Omelette with whole wheat bread, avocado and a fruit
  • Chicken breast, brown rice and grilled vegetables
Two hours before the workout
  • Protein smoothie with milk, protein powder, banana and berries
  • Whole grain products and milk
  • A serving of oatmeal with banana and almonds
One hour before training
  • Yogurt with a fruit
  • A protein bar
  • One fruit (e.g. banana or apple)
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