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Even though we are familiar with the benefits of exercising, most of the time it’s difficult for us to make the decision to actually do it. Below are the most frequent reasons why, and what we can do to overcome them.
Feeling exhausted
When you feel tired, sad or stressed you may have the impression that exercise will make you feel worse, when in fact exercise fills you with energy. Studies show that even a soft training can dramatically reduce fatigue and raise our energy levels. If you’re feeling extremely exhausted, say to yourself that you’ll just walk for 5 or 10 minutes. During your walk you’re most likely to start feeling better and maybe decide to walk a little longer.
Feeling overwhelmed
When you’re feeling stressed out with all the obligations of everyday life, just the thought of adding one more task in your daily routine doesn’t sound very appealing, even if that is doing a half-hour training. However, if you start prioritizing your training and see it as a necessity for your mental health, it will become easier to find the time to include it in your program.
Feeling desperate because of inaction
Whether you have never exercised before or you’ve had a huge break from it, you may be feeling kind of stuck and unmotivated. But the truth is you can start with something simple and easy such as walking, dancing or some basic strength exercises that will boost you up and give you motivation.
Feeling bad about yourself
Is it possible that you are very hard on yourself? It’s time to think differently! It doesn’t matter how much you weigh, how old you are or how fit you are. There are lots of people struggling with self image. So, you can ask a friend of yours to workout together. You can both start with setting small goals and by achieving them one by one, you’ll start feeling more confident and sure of yourself. Remember, mindset is everything.
Feeling pain
If you have a disability, a serious weight problem, arthritis, or you are recovering from an injury or have a condition that restricts your mobility, ask your doctor about safe ways in which you can workout. Don’t let anything become an obstacle and restrain you from exercising. Exercise is necessary for the body and mind.
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