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Firstly, the reason we have these extra pounds or the reason why we cannot lose them is not our metabolism, those evil genes, our bad fortune or a bad horoscope. The article of Andreas Zourdos (Nutritionist – Dietitian) “No, we are not what we eat” will solve many questions you may have.

Let’s start with the basics. In order to reduce our weight, we have to receive less calories than the total amount of calories we need on a daily basis. Depending on our target and in order to achieve it, it is important to reach the right balance of macronutrients (protein – carbohydrates – fat) in our diet plan.

If you want to start a structured meal plan to help bring the desired results, you are strongly advised to consult a Nutritionist/Dietitian to guide you in the process and resolve any queries you may have.

Many of us wonder whether beginning a diet plan will make us starve. The answer is that if you follow the right diet plan, you won’t starve. In one of my discussions with Andreas Zourdos (Nutritionist/Dietitian), he pointed out to me that I need to distinguish whether the feeling of hunger I’m experiencing comes from the neck up or the neck down. Many times we eat out of habit or to satisfy emotional needs and not because we need food. One of our major concerns involves social gatherings we attend and the accompanying feelings of distress and uneasiness we may experience when we follow a diet plan. But my dear friend…unless you have a certain direction in life, you’ll just go where the wind blows.

It may be challenging to have one beer instead of five, or to resist eating a pizza, a burger or the whole universe for that matter and yet stick to our diet plan. It goes without saying that our goal is not to feel suppressed and follow an inflexible diet plan, so changes are indeed permissible.


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