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Warm up
Warming-up is an integral part of training that shouldn’t be omitted under any circumstances. Proper warm up prepares the body for the training it’s about to go through. By warming-up, we can achieve better results in the main part of our workout! 
If you only focus on the number of sets and repetitions instead of your technique, then you could easily get injured at some point… Proper technique is your only ticket towards a healthy body. 
Cooling down 
Cooling down after a workout is an extremely important part of training that lots of people often neglect. Basically, you bring your body back to the state it was before the workout, releasing the tension. When you skip this part, your muscles shorten and they lose their elasticity, so it is easier to get injured later on. 
Nutrition is everything, whether you’re an athlete or not. When you’re working out regularly, you need all the right nutrients in order to function well, from protein, carbohydrates and fats to vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Try to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods and always stay hydrated! 
Training limits 
Your sport may require really high intensity and sometimes, you may find yourself on the verge of collapse. It is, therefore very important to listen to your body’s needs and act accordingly. We know how much you love your sport, but if you want to keep doing it, you have to respect your body first!
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