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According to an international study by British scientists, at least 3.9 million premature deaths are avoided every year worldwide by physically active individuals. In Greece, it is estimated that 4,600 people aged 40 to 74 avoid premature death each year, by simply remaining physically active.
Researchers at the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh, led by Dr. Tessa Strein of the First Epidemiology Unit, who published their findings in The Lancet Global Health journal, analyzed data from 168 countries.They found that the percentage of the population that is sufficiently active varies from 33% in Kuwait to 94% in Mozambique.
It has been estimated that due to physical activity, the number of premature deaths is on average 15% lower each year (14% for women and 16% for men) than it would be without exercise. That’s about 3.9 million lives saved each year.
The benefit is higher for low- and middle-income countries, where an average of 18% of premature deaths are prevented each year, compared to 14% in developed countries (eg in the US it is estimated that active physical life saves 140,200 people each year).
Physical activity can include gym training, participating in an individual or team sport, cycling, brisk walking, yoga, gardening, etc.
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